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How to Purge Your Closet: Tips & Tricks for Reorganizing Your Wardrobe

How to Purge Your Closet: Tips & Tricks for Reorganizing Your Wardrobe

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How to Purge Your Closet: Tips & Tricks for Reorganizing Your Wardrobe

Do you find it difficult to move around in your closet or have too many clothes cluttering the extra space in your bedroom? It’s time to purge clothes in your wardrobe and make room for the pieces that suit your personal style but how to purge your closet?

This guide will give you tips and tricks on cleaning out your closet effectively, help you create a capsule wardrobe full of items that fit and flatter, and show you how to repurpose old clothing items or donate them easily. Read on for all the advice you need to make an closet organized and curated!

What Does Purging Clothes Mean?

To Purge Your Closet involves taking a good look at your wardrobe and assessing each item. Ask yourself: does it fit? Is it still in good condition? Is it versatile enough to be worn in multiple ways? If the answer is no to any of these questions, it’s time to part ways with that item.

You can donate gently used items to charity, throw damaged items away, or pass on items you no longer want to family or friends. Afterwards, take stock of what you have left and decide if any more pieces are necessary for your wardrobe.

How to Purge Your Closet Tips & Tricks

This will help you make sure you only keep the clothes that serve an purpose and keep up with your personal style.

How to Purge Your Closet?

Here are some top ways to do it:

Create an Easily Accessible Main Closet

Purging your closet space doesn’t mean getting rid of everything—instead, it’s about reorganizing the items that make it into your main closet, so they are easily accessible.

Ideally, most of these should be clothing that fits well and can be rotated regularly, such as dresses, jeans, black pants, skinny jeans (or whatever suits your figure), shirts/tops/tank tops, etc., which are majoring in darker colors.

A capsule wardrobe would include 30-40 pieces at maximum; have a selection of neutral tones, which you can easily dress up or down depending on the season.

Get Rid Of Clothes That Don’t Fit Anymore or You’re Not Wearing

Start by removing all clothes from every corner of your house room— this means taking everything off hangers, out of drawers, and away from under beds.

Have three piles– Keep pile (will go back into the main closet), donate pile (ask friends if they want any clothes first), then trash anything else unsuitable for donation due to condition or age, i.e., stained tees, etc.

If something no longer fits but has sentimental value –sew a patchwork item such as cushions with them!

Create A Separate Space For Sentimental Items And Gifted Items

If you can bear it -you could create a separate space within the main closet area specifically dedicated solely to sentimental items like mother’s sarees or grandmother’s pearl necklaces etc., ensuring they remain dust-free in boxes if possible.

Then purge gifted items separately if needed -keeping track of who gave what gifts can save hurt feelings later if any family members ask why their gift isn’t being used.

Think About How Many Things You Can Wear With Each Item

When deciding what makes it into main closet doors, keep practicality at the top of your mind, e.g., check how many things you can wear with each item, especially when deciding what makes it into the core everyday outfits selection –maybe just one item looks great with four different tops?

Also, don’t forget those accessories are key here, as scarves can add another element when styling an outfit.

Look Out For Great Advice & Tips To Help Reorganize Your Wardrobe

Depending on time available, designate certain days over coming few weeks when specific tasks need completing, such as -cleaning out drawers, figuring out body shape goals (i.e., lose weight/gain muscle) then selecting clothes according to these aspirations, creating hanging sections separated by color/style within closets, donating unneeded clothing immediately after determining what works in terms of functionality/style/color coordination, etc.

During this process, also try moving things around, often dressing yourself up differently every day while observing unexpected combinations work brilliantly, eventually inspiring new ideas.

Keep Track Of What You Spend On New Clothing Too

Monitor your spending on replacement clothing to ensure quality. Rather than buying cheaper items that won’t last long, focus on those with a longer lifespan – the long-term costs of wearing the item will outweigh the initial purchase cost.

Keeping one item aside instead of adding more unnecessary stuff can be helpful and avoid to feel uncomfortable, so having a spare room can be great for future purchases.

Remember To Feel Good Whenever Cleaning Up Your Wardrobe

Most importantly, remember organizing wardrobes should feel great! Don’t get bogged down by expectations; instead, try freeing up space within living spaces offering peace of mind once the clutter is removed/ sorted –this process alone may cause a shift in feeling more comfortable and stylishly dressed, leading boost confidence levels ultimately impacting life positively!

The Bottom Line

Purging your wardrobe doesn’t have to feel like a chore! From creating easily accessible places for essential clothing items right through to feeling confident knowing exactly which outfits best suit you during particular seasons –closet purge requires some effort.

Certainly, it rewards all efforts made when creating personalized dream collections perfectly tailored to people’s tastes!


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How to Purge Your Closet: Tips & Tricks for Reorganizing Your Wardrobe

Table of Contents

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